A word about Hz:  In general almost all music instruments are tuned to 440 Hz as it is the industry standard. If you are going to be playing your Vibedrum with other musical instruments (guitars, harps, flutes and such) then you should go with a scale tuned to 440Hz. However if you are going to use your Vibedrum as a personal instrument for music, meditation, healing and/or massage then you should go with the 432 Hz tuning as it is considered by many to be in-line-with our bodies natural energies and vibrations.


Free Shipping to all EU States, The U.K. and Switzerland


  • Made from US produced 304 Stainless

  • Hand-Tuned to Symphonic tuning standards before shipment

  • Sound tested for sound quality before shipment

  • Painted with low environmental footprint Powder Coat Paint

  • Contain no lead in the metal or the paint

  • Are handmade in Arizona since 2008

I am in Arizona making more Vibedrums until the end of October. If you are interested in a Single or Double Vibedrum I can send one from Arizona. Just contact me at 0ffice@pentarrow.com  I will re-open the shop when I return. Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Vernon  Vibedrums-EU