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Welcome to Vibedrums-Europe  Designers and makers of Stainless Steel Tonque Drums Handmade in the USA Since 2008

The Only Steel Tongue Drum designed that you not only hear the Tones but Feel their Vibrations as well

Moonshine single vibedrum steel tongue drum handpan

For beginners, musicians, healers & therapists
Handmade in Arizona
Hand Tuned to Symphonic tuning standards
Tunings in 440 and/or 432 Hz, Solfeggio 528 Hz
Many Scales to choose from
Made from thick sturdy High Quality 304 Stainless
All raw materials are made and sourced in the USA
Low Environmental Footprint
All partners are small and family owned 

Vibedrums - Tongue Drums
Beautiful Music Made Simple

  • Music

  • Fun

  • Relaxation

  • Meditation

  • Stress Reduction

  • Calming

  • Vibrational Massage

  • Healing

  • Music Therapy

  • Sound Therapy

Available In:

Double Vibedrum - 32 cm - 18 Notes - 9 on each side

Single Vibedrum - 30 cm - 9 Notes on one side

Mini-Vibedrum - 26 cm - 8 Notes on one Side

Playing a vibedrum with hands and fingers steeltonguedrum handpan
vibedrum lower back vibrational and sound massage steeltonguedrum
Most Popular

Our most Popular Double Vibedrum is the "Ultimate Healing Drum" This drum has a modified Solfeggio scale we call Solfeggio-F tuned at 528 Hz on one side and D-Minor at 432 Hz on the other.

Our most Popular Single Vibedrum is the D-Minor tuned at 432 Hz for healing and Massage OR the E-Minor at 432 Hz for relaxation, meditation and such.

Our most popular Mini-Vibedrum is the Desert scale at 432 Hz which is light and airy or the Galaxy scale at 440 Hz which is more deep and earthy  


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