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  • Easy to play for all skill levels with smooth, pure, calming tones. A drum with many uses and the low profile makes it super easy to transport.
  • Made from high quality US produced 304 Stainless Steel
  • Bottom forms a perfect parabolic dish, (with no large hole) that focuses the energy of the drum into the bottom dead center which creates a full body experience when playing.
  • Perfect for vibrational massage, sound therapy, meditation, relaxation and stress reduction
  • Pentatonic scales in 440 or 432 Hz tunings are:  F-Minor / F-Akebono / F-Major / E-Minor and Solfeggio-F at 528 Hz
  • Our most popular scale choices are:  F-Major - 440 Hz / E-Minor - 432 Hz / Solfeggio-F-528 Hz.
  • Please choose a scale and Hz when you order. Sound Samples and the notes in the scales can be found under the "Video" menu choice above.
  • A little information on Hz can be found in the "Details and Spec's" section.
  • Each drum is individually hand tuned to Symphonic Tuning Standards and sound tested before it is sent to its new home.
  • Pure sound and long note sustain.
  • STANDARD Package Includes: Premium Handmade Mallets, Handmade Liner Bag and Heavy Duty Gig Bag 
  • This unique instrument with a melodious tone will inspire beginners as well as professionals. The Single Vibe Drum provides one playable head with 9 tuned notes. It can be played using the hands or with our specially-designed mallets. The unique design provides a hybrid sound, similar to striking a “singing bowl” or HandPan Drum, yet offers a more portable and user-friendly instrument.

Vibedrums a Stainless steel tongue drum in the handpan family since 2008

Tropical Single Vibedrum - 9 Notes - 5 Scale Choices - Standard Package

  • A word about Hz: In general almost all music instruments are tuned to 440 Hz as it is the industry standard. If you are going to be playing your Vibedrum with other musical instruments (guitars, harps, flutes and such) then you should go with a scale tuned to 440Hz. However if you are going to use your Vibedrum as a personal instrument for music, meditation, healing and/or massage then you should go with the 432 Hz tuning as it is considered by many to be in-line-with our bodies natural energies and vibrations.

    *Resonance / Sustain: The Parabolic resonance Chamber combined with our high quality 13 gauge steel creates a drum where the notes resonate for 8 to 10 seconds without sacrificing portability.

    *Harmonics: The playing tabs are perfectly spaced for optimum playability and harmonics between the other notes

    Octagonal notes to maximise the "sweet spot" and to add a bit of symbolism.

    13 gauge ( 0.0937” thick) - 304 Stainless Steel - made in USA

    Diameter - 11.5 inches - 30 cm

    Height - 4.5 inches - 11.9 cm

    Weight - 5.5 lbs - 2.5 kg

    Paint - Powder Coat - no VOC's - no greenhouse gasses - no lead - powder made in USA

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