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Includes: Mini-Vibedrum / Double Ended Mallets / Soft Fleece Liner Bag / Free Shipping to the UK, all EU States and Switzerland.


This is a Prototype drum made from Stainless Steel. Instead of being welded together it is put together with 6 machine screws and nuts. The sound is good but because of notes being on both sides of the drum it is best played sitting on a soft cushion or pillow.  The drum is tuned to the following notes:

SIDE-1:  B / G / G# / A / C / C# / D / E at 440 Hz

SIDE-2:  C# / G / B / C / D / E / F / G at 440 Hz


Note I can retune these to 432 Hz if you like. Just let me know when you order the drum.


Easy to play with hands or mallets for beginners and profi’s alike. Our drums will enchant you with their sound / a steel tongue drum that does not have that "Steel Tank" ring to it.


Perfect for playing music, meditation, healing and massage.

Great for those on the go. Our unique super slim design and lightweight make this the most portable of all Steel Tongue Drums of this size. Fits easily into a handbag, knapsack or rucksack. You can take it virtually anywhere. Perfect for travelling, hiking and all activities and due to our Stainless Steel there is no stress if the drum is exposed to the elements and the sound purity and quality of the drum  is second to none.


The drum is being used extensively in the USA, Switzerland and other parts of Europe in Psychology, Massage Therapy, Sound Therapy, Music Therapy, Anxiety and Stress reduction and Energy Healing in addition to its music making abilities.


Made with the lowest Environmental footprint possible…no paint with VOC’s, no lead, no hazardous waste from etching or engraving and now no welding or grinding.   Quality throughout from the 13 gauge High Quality US produced stainless steel to improve sound, sustain, resonance, purity and durability to the tuning that meets Symphonic tuning standards.


Due to our sound sculpturing we have been able to eliminate the "Steel Tank Overtone" as well as the large hole in the bottom or top of the drum both of which are present on many other drums of this type.

Natural Double Mini Vibe - Prototype2 - 16 notes 8 on each side- 26cm

99,00 €Preis
  • A word about Hz: In general almost all music instruments are tuned to 440 Hz as it is the industry standard. If you are going to be playing your Vibedrum with other musical instruments (guitars, harps, flutes and such) then you should go with a scale tuned to 440Hz. However if you are going to use your Vibedrum as a personal instrument for music, meditation, healing and/or massage then you should go with the 432 Hz tuning as it is considered by many to be in-line-with our bodies natural energies and vibrations.

    “Cosmic Scale” in 440 or 432 Hz – Notes: F3 (Bass)/ A4 / B4 / C#5 / C4 (Mid-Range) / E4 / F4 / G4  This is a good scale for those of you who love the high notes  -  Light and Airy. 

    “Desert Scale” in 440 or 432 Hz – Notes: E3 (Bass)/ G4 / B4 / C5 / B3 (Mid-Range) / E4 / F4 / F#4   This scale reminds us of the Arizona Desert at night with the wind through the stones and trees, the coyotes howling in the moon and other sounds of the night.

    “Freya Scale” in 440 or 432 Hz – Notes: E3 (Bass)/ G4 / A4 / B4 / B3 (Mid-Range) / D4 / E4 / F4   This scale is a very well balanced scale that is lower than our Cosmic or Desert scale for those who love lower tones this is a very Earthy scale.

    “Galaxy Scale” in 440 or 432 Hz – Notes: D3 (Bass)/ E4 / F4 / G4 / A3 (Mid-Range) / B3 / C4 / D4   This scale is the lowest possible scale we can get out of this size drum and still have it sound great the notes are low and deep. A great scale for deep meditation.

    Diameter - 10 inches - 26 cm

    Height - 3.25 inches - 8.6 cm

    Weight - 3 lbs - 1.4 kg

    Paint - Powder Coat - no VOC's - no greenhouse gasses - no lead - powder made in USA

  • Note - No Returns on Special Deal Drums

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